Excavation Services

Excavation of sewer and water lines can be pretty major plumbing project. When your business requires excavation services, you want the most professional and experienced service provider available. United Rooter LLC proudly offers a variety of excavation services that are tailored to fit your needs. We are here to help ease your stress when it comes to fixing an underground plumbing or sewer problem.


Excavation work involves digging up existing water and sewer lines and repairing the damaged pipe or replacing the entire line. This can be a small job or a large one. The shallowest lines can be repaired by small crews with shovels while deeper lines may require more sophisticated excavation equipment like backhoes, or other heavy duty machinery. Feel confident that United Rooter LLC will inspect your project and provide knowledgeable recommendations for repair or replacement of lines.
Sewer Excavation — Trenchless Sewer Replacement in Cheshire, MA

Sewer Lines Repaired

When sewer line cleaning is no longer possible, sewer line repairs become necessary. United Rooter LLC offers solutions to a variety of your underground plumbing problems:
  • Broken, cracked or collapsed water and sewer lines
  • Blockages by large foreign objects that restrict water flow
  • Corrosion that causes a pipe's integrity to become compromised
  • Bellied pipe-sunken due to ground or soil conditions
  • Leaking joints allowing sewage to flow into surrounding soil areas
  • Roots in sewer line, causing voids in the pipe
  • Off-grade pipe-pipe has deteriorated or corroded